Join me for 21 quick, easy and fun projects that will adorn your home for years to come!

Are you ready to conquer Fair Isle, Tapestry and Overlay Mosaic crochet techniques?

Dive into colourwork with me and learn in these fun, fast crochet projects!

Join me for all of this:

  • Video tutorials | in-depth video tutorials for each technique

  • Printable Ebook | 66 page pattern Ebook with 21 bauble patterns

  • Charts | colour charts, written patterns and colour block instructions for each bauble

  • Stitch Tutorials | step by step stitch tutorials

  • Technique Lessons | introduction to Fair Isle, Tapestry and Overlay Mosaic techniques

Join me, Hannah from HanJan Crochet to really work on these techniques, build your crochet skills, create something beautiful and mostly - have fun together!

Ad-free, with lifetime access to study at your own pace. 

With all the support you need to truly succeed and create something amazing in no time at all!

Packed with extra tips, video content, tutorials and 3 extra patterns not available anywhere else!

A written version of 18 of the baubles will be free to view on my blog supported by ads but if you would like full access to download, keep and watch without ads then this is the course for you!

Course and Ebook Overview


Sometimes it's just better to watch it in action. Join me in the course videos that are in short, bite-sized format to show you exactly how to make the baubles and work each technique.


Downloadable Ebook. Whether you like working from charts, written patterns or colour blocks - the 66 page Ebook has it all!

No ads

Completely ad-free. Although I do offer free versions of many of my designs supported by ads, I know that lots of people prefer to pay to access them without interruption.


Fancy transforming the designs into a napkin ring?  Let me show you how in the Ebook and videos! Plus I'll share all my tips and tricks for working each of the techniques and stitches.

Would you prefer just the 66 page Ebook? No problem!


What will we make?

Everything you need for success

✓  How to crochet in rounds and increase. In-depth video tutorial and step by step pictures

✓  How to crochet the colour work techniques. How to easily work split stitches, back loops, mosaic stitches and change colours

✓  How decrease in rounds. Crocheting stitches together to form the top of the baubles

✓  How to read charts. Take the mystery out of crochet charts by reading them along as we work

✓  a total of 21 bauble patterns in a 66 page Ebook (valued at $5 per pattern = $105)
✓  in-depth course classes with instructional videos for each technique used (valued at $225 )
✓  in-depth course videos and step by step tutorials for the base and top of each bauble (valued at $75)
✓  introduction to Fair Isle, Tapestry and Overlay Mosaic crochet
✓  an introduction to colour work chart reading
✓  bonus material on transforming them into napkin rings!
✓  completely ad-free patterns and videos
✓  online and ready to study anytime

Total value = over $400

Course Regular price = $69

 Special launch offer for Ebook and Course:


Let's break it down and see what you get:

  • Module 1 - Everything we need to get going
    Firstly, let me welcome you to the course and let you know the materials we're going to need. Next we'll take a look at what we're going to learn, how to get the most from the course and lastly, how to download your Ebook.
  • Module 2 - Making the base of the baubles
    Each of the baubles use the same first 6 rounds to create the base. They use the same stitches and technique so we're going to go through everything step by step together to get it right from the start. Beginning with a magic ring, we'll work in increasing rounds to get to the size that we need to cover our baubles.
  • Module 3 - Fair Isle Crochet
    Welcome to Fair Isle Crochet! Let's dive into how to work this exciting technique by working one of the baubles together. We'll take a look at how to read the charts, how to change colour neatly, create floats and much more.
  • Module 4 - Creating the top of the baubles
    Now we're ready to start decreasing to close the top of our baubles. This is done in a very similar way for each technique and we'll talk through all of it as I work mine.
  • Module 5 - Tapestry Crochet
    Welcome to tapestry crochet! This fun technique will be a breeze now that you've mastered Fair Isle and we can create any of the 7 baubles with ease.
  • Module 6 - Overlay Mosaic Crochet
    Time for our last technique - overlay mosaic crochet! You'll have no problem at all in mastering this one as there's just one more stitch to learn (that I bet you've used lots before!).

I am delighted to welcome you to my crochet bauble collection! 

 My name is Hannah and I am the designer behind HanJan Crochet. 

 Being creative has always been so important to me and being able to share it with you is a dream come true!

Would you like to join us for our crochet along too?!

Join us from 5th - 22nd December to make and share together!

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Bauble-ing Along Festive Crochet Course$49

In case you were wondering...

  • When does the course start?
    As soon as you are ready! Purchase of the course gives you lifetime access so you can work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

  • Who is this course for?
    Everyone who loves to crochet! Although the techniques look tricky, they only use beginner stitches so even if you're new to crochet you can tackle this project!

  • What is the refund policy?
    If you are not completely happy with your purchase then I offer a full refund within 5 days of purchase.

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A written free version of 18 of the baubles is available at supported by ads. It does not include anything printable or the in-depth lessons included within the course.